Location: Pucallpa, Peru


The organization, Scalpel at the Cross, took a team to Pucallpa, Peru. Where is Pucallpa, Peru, you might ask?  It is located in the Amazon Jungle. In Pucallpa, clinics and surgeries were conducted in an open air hospital, Hospital Amazonica.  Inside the hospital there were two operating rooms. As you imagine, the conditions of the hospital would not come close to passing health regulations in America.  However, the surgeons and staff welcomed them, and this in itself, was the visible evidence of the Lord’s blessings.


During their time there, the team specialized in orthopedic injuries. In two days, they did 15 surgeries.  Most of the patients had fractured or dislocated bones.  One of these surgeries was for a little girl who had an infection so severe that had dislocated her hip. The team surgeons worked to clean the infection, put her hip back in place, then filling her with Vitamins and antibiotics.  Kelli Hook, a team member from Scalpel at the Cross explains, "Honestly, God brought her to us, for He has plans for this little girl, otherwise, she would not have survived with God bringing her to us for us to help do His work."


At Crosslink we love to hear the ways in which we have been able to assist the teams. We asked Kelli Hook how Crosslink helped enable them in their work?  Kelli states, "without the supplies that are donated to use via Crosslink, less would have been done. The medication is a HUGE gift, without it patients would not heal properly nor would our patients walk away with little infection. Considering the environment, it is truly a God thing that these patients of ours stay so healthy post-surgery.

Scapel at the Cross