Then Jesus came to them and said, “All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore, go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you. And surely, I am with you always to the very end of the age.”

– Matthew 28:18-20, NIV


Medical missions make an impact in our neighborhoods and around the world. Crosslink receives reports from the mission teams we equip on how communities that would not open the doors to Christians would be willing to receive free medical care. One story resonates as a team was traveling to Tanzania. The missionary had been praying for several years and attempting to contact the leaders of the Muslim villages nearby. When the community learned of the medical mission team, they invited them to spend a day offering a clinic which is a great way to bring the love of Christ to others by serving and meeting the needs of others. Since the medical team spent a day loving the community, the Christian missionary has regular meetings with the village leaders and the people who know him and his team. Doors are opened in communities worldwide to hear the Gospel through medical missions. Medical missions are not the only way to do missions, yet they make an incredible impact.

Imagine living in a remote community that many of the people in your own country do not visit or travel to, and yet a team from a foreign nation comes to offer free medical care. As you wait in line for the medical team, which may take hours before your family sees the medical team, you notice how each person is cared for with undivided attention. As you approach the medical team, you see their smile and genuine excitement to see you. As they spend time listening to you and your family’s physical needs, they may provide a gentle touch while checking blood pressure or listening to lung sounds. Throughout the examination, they have the supplies needed to clean and treat a child’s infected cut, vitamins for your family, and reading glasses to help you read.

As everyone is working through the translator, they are gracious and thankful for the physical care but cannot hold back asking why a team would come to their community. The team shares about their Savior, Jesus Christ, and that through His death and resurrection, we receive forgiveness for our sins and eternal life. That God’s love for each of His children motivates us to share the same love with all we meet. God is available for all people and wants to invite them into His Kingdom. If you want to experience and be part of His Kingdom, all it takes is to surrender oneself to his Lordship and repent for our sins. The team offers to lead them in this prayer if they would like to invite Jesus Christ into their hearts. Maybe they give their life to Christ; perhaps they already have, which strengthens their faith, or this could be the first time they heard the Gospel and want to learn more.

Medical missions are a great way to connect with the missionary and their team living nearby and follow up with the family no matter their decision. Medical missions that partner with invested missionaries on the ground sustain and build growth as they continue to shepherd and care for the people.


Crosslink exists to equip medical mission teams to share the Gospel as they go. When we share this mission, many people connect this to international medical mission teams; however, we believe that all Christians are on mission wherever they are going. Learn how we serve and equip in many areas.

International Medical Mission Teams

International medical mission teams make up most teams we serve as they share the Gospel wherever they are helping. Our specialty is in essential medical supplies, reading glasses, and low-cost pharmaceuticals and these teams are traveling with items in their suitcase.

We believe in equipping the team for their mission while supplementing and meeting the community’s medical needs. These teams often go to places where the road ends, the edges of the deserts, and the jungles.

Local Charity Clinics

We serve in the Memphis, TN community and surrounding areas by helping fill gaps for the charity clinics sharing the Gospel while serving the underserved and uninsured.

The partnerships allow us to link medical supplies to those in need as Crosslink or one of the clinics receives a request.

Pregnancy Help Centers

Having the opportunity to serve the pregnancy help centers in our community is an honor. These clinics believe in helping mothers choose an unborn child’s life while offering care during pregnancy, delivery, and post-birth care. We meet the need for prenatal vitamins and medical supplies to help provide care during the pregnancy through these ministries.


Often the local church is where needs are discovered. When those needs are found, Crosslink can step in and provide a wheelchair, crutches, or other medical mission supplies, including the most significant way to help, which is in prayer.