Eyeglass donations are a critical part of the Crosslink Memphis ministry and commonly requested items from medical mission teams. Donated glasses impact the lives and the families who receive them in the mission field. The reading glasses can help someone continue to read their Bible. Other donated eyeglasses may help an older woman making her living sowing and cannot do so without reading glasses to see the fine details.

The reading glasses station in the clinic is an excellent place for nonmedical personnel to serve. It is a great time to encourage, pray, and fellowship with those in the community the medical mission team is serving. The teams we equip love to share the stories at the eyeglass station as someone receives a renewed chance to see again.

We accept reading glasses, prescription glasses, and sunglasses that our team of volunteers will process. Glasses of any strength can be donated to Crosslink Memphis. If you are in the Memphis area, eyeglass donations can be dropped off at our facility or mailed from anywhere in the country to 1662 Shelby Oaks Dr. N, Memphis, TN 38134.

If you would like to purchase donated reading glasses in bulk to donate to Crosslink or for use in your ministry please visit Restoring Vision.