To receive donated medical supplies each team is required to fill out a mission application. Here is a quick peek at the process of receiving donated supplies or purchased medicines. There are several steps in this process; however, a supply request can be completed relatively quickly when both teams work efficiently and work together, depending upon the size. We serve mission teams as they submit their order and requests. 

  1. Fill out the application
  2. Receive approval from Crosslink Memphis team
  3. Requesting organization will submit 501c3 and any state sales tax exemption paperwork
  4. Requesting organization has physician, nurse practitioner, or physician’s associate (formally known as physicians assistant) sign and return physicians acknowledgment form and a picture/copy of their current license
  5. Crosslink then sends a link to our online showroom and formulary
  6. Requesting organization submits requests
  7. Crosslink orders any pharmaceuticals needed and picks the supply request from our supplies on hand
  8. Crosslink packs and ships items to the requesting teams US location via FedEx
  9. Requesting organization serves and shares the Gospel
  10. Requesting organization completes a mission report upon return from the trip
  11. Begin preparing for the next mission


To begin our partnership, we would like to know more about your mission, and it starts with an application.

Before filling out the application, please note that for a completed request, there is an $80 processing fee which is paid for when items are shipped to your mission team. Each requesting organization will pay for the cost of shipping and any purchased medicines.

Fill out the form below, or click here to download a printable PDF application.

We look forward to equipping your team to share the Gospel!