The primary reason Crosslink is in existence is to share the love of God through medical missions. Our favorite part is to hear the stories of successes and the joy each team experiences while reaching out to others. Below is a story shared with us by Amy Williams, RD, LDN of Effective Ministries, Inc.  It emphasizes why Crosslink does what it does. 


A team of 12 medical persons travelled to Niger, Africa to work in CURE International’s Hospital in the capital city of Niamey, Niger. This hospital specializes in pediatric orthopedic surgeries. The team witnessed all ailments from malaria and hypertension to dehydration, and the most uncommon condition: cerebral malaria.


Crosslink helped in providing the medications needed to treat the various illnesses. But, the team was very honest to speak the truth that Jesus is the “true remedy” to all their needs. Williams explained that unity between the American team and the Nigerians was the key. “Their hearts were humbled and open to HIS hand to do the work” Williams says. 


Amy Williams shared a miracle the team witnessed while in Niger. Rachid is a 7 year old boy who came to the clinic with his hands, feet and knees in an extremely dirty, infected and calloused state. His feet were so calloused and infected with sores he was unable to walk. He resorted to crawling on his hands and knees. His mother's biggest complaint was "My son cannot walk." Because of the crawling he had developed sores on his knees and hands. Rachid was seen by the surgeon on the team. Dr. Denny and his nurse Ruzandra were able to soak Rachid's hands and feet to begin to debride the dead tissue. He child kept his composure with only an occasional tear. When the wounds were clean, a thin layer of Silvadine Ointment and Hydrocortisone Cream was administered.  The wounds were then wrapped with clean Vaseline and Betadine treated gauze. Ruzandra took Rachid's hands to help him take his first few steps in a very long time. By the time he left the clinic that day he was walking on his own.


On day 2 he returned with his mother to see Dr. Denny to have his bandages changed. They soaked his wounds again, but this time there was evidence of new skin! By the SECOND day he jumped off the examining table and walked away on his own. By day THREE, the improvements were incredible. Rachid and his mother returned for one final bandage change and the new skin was completely evident. Rachid was full of laughs and smiles. New shoes were purchased for him, and a missionary nurse would continue to take care of Rachid until his wounds were completely healed. The social worker at the clinic would follow up after the team left. Williams, with such truth, states, “This story is like many in that simple wound care can make such a dramatic difference in the quality of life and the speed of healing. Soap and water, appropriate ointments, along with clean bandages, can literally change or save a life.” 


Effective Ministries, Inc.