Every year we partner with Seeds Ministries and its medical clinic in central India.  This year, the following report was shared.


“Two years ago, during a clinic in the same village we visited today, a small child was examined by one of our docs. The child had never spoken and was not able to attend school for training. It was discovered that this child, though considered deaf from birth, might actually be able to hear. After a number of examinations by a local hospital, it was believed that the young girl could possibly hear if custom hearing aids, those especially design for her, could be obtained. This was an impossibility for the very poor family and all appeared hopeless.


After we left the clinic, we began trying to find a location which could provide those custom hearing aids. We finally found an in-country facility, but the cost was out of the reach of the family. SO, Seeds Ministries provided the necessary funding for the production of the aids and the associated expenses to the family to travel and have them made.


Today, while in the clinic, the leader of the local group who granted us permission to come, found me and said a woman was asking to see me. I walked out of the clinic into an area overflowing with men, women, and children, and was approached by a lovely lady who asked if I was Dr. Lewis. As soon as I acknowledged my identity, she smiled and began to hug my neck, leaving me very confused. When she released her grip, she brought forward a very shy and nervous young lady wearing two custom made hearing aids. This loving mom, with tears in her eyes, said her daughter had received these custom hearing aids through a gift from Seeds Ministries, and she wanted to say thank you. But, she said, more than that, after several months of adjustment to the sound now being provided by the electronic equipment, her daughter for the first time spoke and formed the word "Mommy." The unbelievable joy she felt was overwhelming she said. But not only that, she was now attending school for the first time and was learning to speak, to read, to write, and to play like any other child. I wish I could put into words a proper description of the joy you could see in the face of this loving mother. And I have to say, about the time I wonder if this work, with all its troubles, demands, and frustrations, is really making a difference, God sends a small child back into my life to validate the "why" of what we do. Thanks be to God for this most precious gift.


Without the assistance of Crosslink Memphis helping Seeds keep their costs down through supplies and medicines, they could afford to spend the necessary funds for this product.  When we work together, God reaps a wonderful harvest!! 

 Seeds Ministries