Missionaries to Guatemala, Building Believers in Christ team member Josh Byrd, shares about their mission to Guatemala. He and his team were able to serve in the area of Chiqimula in early June. The team was involved with a clinic in located there for four days. During those four days, they had the incredible ability to treat nearly 1,400 patients. The team treated multiple ailments, but the majority of illnesses they saw were chronic body pain and the lack of nutrition. They saw a few rare cancer cases as well.

Josh states, "It was amazing for us to be able to buy the meds at low cost and all the free supplies that were donated by Crosslink. Thank you for all the help and guidance with meds, glasses, and supplies."


The most important part of Crosslink’s work is to share Christ’s love with those we serve.  We work with people like Josh Byrd and organizations like Missionaries to Guatemala, Building Believers in Christ, which have the same goals and passions as we.  The team witnessed thirty-seven salvations during those four short days as it was the perfect platform for them to be able to preach the Gospel.


This story represents the reason Crosslink Memphis exists.  Without external support from donors, we would not be able to fulfill this calling.  Thank you for all you do for us, our partnering organizations, and, most importantly, Jesus Christ.

Building Believers in Christ