How Donations are Used

The end result of all donations to Crosslink Memphis  - whether it be monetary or supplies is to help further the Good News of Jesus Christ through spiritual and physical healing.

It is the policy of Crosslink Memphis that all donated materials given to us will be donated back out at no cost. Therefore other than a nominal processing charge and shipping cost (if any), supplies on our shelves are free of charge to any approved mission.

A portion of monetary donations does go to help with the day to day operations of Crosslink Memphis such as utilities and three salaried employees. We do strive, however, to keep our budget lean so that as much as possible can go to help us help others.

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Donate Supplies

As we work with our mission teams and clinics, Crosslink Memphis continues to learn what the most needed items are for doctors and nurses and medical teams to operate a successful mission.  In providing a wide range of medical supplies, Crosslink is finding that general first aid supplies are the common thread among all mission team’s needs.  We still, of course, want other types of supplies too, however, you can help us by continuing to collect the following supplies which are in great need by all teams that we serve.


To donate supplies please fill out the form below. Use "Supplies Donation" in the subject field then specify the supplies you wish to donate, or inquire about our most urgent supply needs. A representative of Crosslink Memphis will follow up with your submission within the week.


Crosslink greatly appreciates your generosity!  We at Crosslink Memphis never take for granted your loyalty and your support.  Without those who support us in such a wonderful way, we could not continue to provide the much needed supplies and medicines to the teams who come to us for assistance.  Thank you for being a partner with us in this work.

Thank you for reaching out to us. A team member will respond to your message shorlty.

Most Needed Supplies

Ace Bandages
Coban Bandage
Non-Sterile & Sterile Roll Cotton Bandage
Skin Cleanser
Primapore Wound Care Dressing
Tongue Depressors
ABD Combined Dressing
Surgical Gloves, Sz. 6-8.5
Adhesive Surgical Dressing
Non Adherent Dressing, L, M, S
2x2, 4x4 Sterile and Non-Sterile Gauze
Surgical Sterile Gowns, XL, L, M, S
Lubricating Jelly /KY
Dressing Change Kits
IV Start Kit
Surgical Masks

Cotton Balls

Adhesive Remover Prep
Alcohol Preps
Antiseptic Preps
Tegaderm Dressing, L, M, S
Conforming Bandages
Disposable Sterile Scalpel Surgical Blades, #10-22
Sterile Syringe 3ml, 5ml, 10ml
Cloth Sterile Tape 1”, 2”
Cloth Medipore Tape, .5”, 2”
Paper Micropore Tape, .5”, 1”, 2”, 3”
Plastic Tape, .5”
Plastic Transpore Tape, 1”, 2”, 3”
Transpore Tape , 2”
Moist Antiseptic Wipes
Vaseline Adaptic Dressing, L, M, S
Roll Gauze
Providone Iodine Preps