Just who is the blame for this mess????

by | May 17, 2020

Today I have been watching AGAIN live worship from several different churches. Do I “like” doing this rather than being in corporate worship, well no. But it has allowed me to hear several good preachers each week and hear different but positive perspectives on just what we need to be doing as we face a most unusual period in our life.

Outside of the pulpit, all of us have heard through the secular media the struggle expressed by so many as to just who is the blame for this pandemic mess. Some seek to blame China while others direct their thoughts to the World Health Organization. Still others blame our government or other world powers with accusations of population control or even a fiscal plan to save retirement dollars by reducing government retirement benefits by death of the older generation!!!

Some of these thoughts are farfetched, and some are borderline crazy. But the more dangerous position we hear expressed is that God is the blame for our circumstances. I do NOT agree with this position. But let me be clear. I will never say that God is not capable or would not afflict his children as a discipline. However my understanding through scripture is that we are likely all part of the blame for this. Whether it was a foreign entity or within our borders, all of us are guilty of creating an environment where disaster can strike. Just as we have seen in both the old and new testaments, whenever we the creation fails to acknowledge its limited personal ability, our failure to depend on a faith focused life, or just laziness, disaster is just around the corner. Bottomline…we create the situation and God allows us to suffer the consequences.

The good news is that I totally believe God will sustain us through this crises, as long as we continue to trust in the promises demonstrated through our Lord Christ. To that end, Crosslink Memphis continues to move forward in faith for the future. Although our overseas work is limited for now, our domestic and local work and support continues to grow. We have partnered with the Church Health Center to help distribute PPE supplies to those serving on the front line in local charity clinics and facilities, as well as responding individually to several local congregations and clinics serving the poor of the mid-south with faith based care. Your prayers, loyalty, and support is NOT taken for granted. Thank you for your partnership at a time when every prayer and dollar is vital. We celebrate the future and we want you to know that the future is bright. Thank you again for your faithfulness!!!

Dr. David C. Lewis, Executive Director