It is hard to believe at times, but Easter is here!!!

by | Apr 10, 2020

I received several requests this week for me to write another blog post. As I said in my first composition, this is NOT something that comes easily for me. But I started this, so I will continue. I’m just amazed anyone reads my missives!!

As I begin, I want to say THANK YOU to all who have given to our Match My Gift campaign! The match time frame was extended beyond Easter to Memorial Day due to the present challenges facing us all. Nonetheless, WE MADE THE MATCH. Thanks to all of you for your support. And, in my normal way, let me say it is okay to EXCEED the match!! I will gladly challenge the donor to match even more!!!

This is Good Friday, the day we remember the sacrifice of Jesus Christ for our sins on Calvary’s cross. It is a solemn time for sure, tempered only by our knowledge of the upcoming celebration of Easter. For sure, this is the “strangest” Holy Week I have ever experienced, and I miss being present in worship. I heard someone say this week that they are sad because Easter wasn’t happening this weekend. My friends, they could not be more mistaken. The reality of Easter is probably MORE alive this year than in past years. Many of us, who have taken the celebration for granted, suddenly realize the trappings are not happening and we feel that something is really missing. For sure the gathering celebrations are missing, but the opportunity to remember and know that God was and is and will ever be present with us through these times and other times should renew our hope.

From the beginning of the Biblical story, whenever anyone encounters the presence of God, as did Moses, or sees the representatives of God, as did the shepherds, the greeting is always the same…“Do not be afraid.” There is much fear right now in our country and around the world. But never allow your fear to overwhelm your faith and hope. After all, isn’t that so much of the message of Easter? And whether or not we can gather as a group, claim the promise of God’s presence wherever two or more of us gather. Be it on a computer screen, a cell phone, a television or radio, or socially distanced, God is with us. Do not be afraid.

This week, along with providing much needed supplies for a number of clinics, Crosslink was able to share masks and gloves with a facility for special needs adults where a resident has tested positive for the Covid-19 virus. Please be in prayer for ALL affected by this ongoing medical condition. Hmmm, I guess that is all of us!!! Remember, do NOT be afraid. Have faith, hope, and believe!!

Dr. David C. Lewis, Executive Director