For God’s Kingdom

by | Mar 31, 2020

What a wild month of March! This time of year, we are typically consumed and inundated with college basketball and March Madness, yet there is no person this month who has not been impacted by COVID-19. On March 1st, Crosslink was wrapping up its participation in Bellevue Baptist Church’s mission conference and expo. While in attendance, it was great to meet so many nonprofits and churches focused on their calling and mission for the Kingdom. It reminded me on that day that God specially gifted each of us to bring glory back to Him.

Crosslink has a unique niche in ministry. We serve teams that are willing to go into the jungles, deserts, and the end of the road to provide medical care while sharing the Gospel. Throughout the year, we serve several local charity clinics. There are so many great stories we hear from around the world of how God uses some gauze, a few medicines, and a humble servant to bring light into a dark world. The Lord will show up in ways that no one expects in the mission field.

However, we often overlook the mission fields in our backyard. Maybe you grew up or attended a church that has the sign as you left church that read, “you are now entering the mission field.” That sign is so true, and Crosslink has the privilege to serve in that capacity. After serving and talking with many of the local clinics the past two weeks, one doctor left an encouraging story:

Due to the shutdown of clinics offering abortions at this time, a young lady came into the Christian clinic because she sought an abortion. The staff informed her that they do not do that. The team at the clinic talked to her about the sanctity of life and the Gospel. The young lady consented to an ultrasound to ensure that everything was ok. Upon seeing the baby, she exclaimed that it was her baby. At that moment, she chose life for this child. It is an honor to help provide PPE supplies for the staff to remain safe for the clinic to fulfill its mission.

We are all mandated to bring the Gospel to all nations, and the supplies and medicines do that both locally and globally. Some are called to be on the frontline in the field at medical clinics (or numerous other ways to share the Gospel), while others are the unsung heroes who serve, work, and donate behind the scenes to allow others to achieve their mission. We look forward to the day of lifted travel bans when our partners can serve our brothers and sisters around the world without losing sight of our neighbors.

This March has been full of madness in the unusual sense, but I am thankful that we have a sovereign God who is in control and is unifying local and global organizations for His Kingdom. If you are interested in helping Crosslink serve, please prayerfully consider donating to our Match My Gift campaign in which a generous donor will double your gift up to $15,000 by the end of May. Thank you for your continued prayers.