by | Sep 3, 2020

Recently I was asked by a mission partner, “Just what have you all been doing during this Covid-19 time?” I thought I would share with you what I said in response as an update. The work goes on, and your continued support has been awesome!

As we all have experienced, this present period is a challenge for all mission ministries. Yet during the pandemic, we have seen an expansion of our work domestically as our international work has slowed. The bottom line is that God has moved us into new areas, and we are working hard to meet the challenge.

A simple recap is as follows:

  • In the early months of 2020, seven of our teams were able to complete their mission in full. The countries served were Ghana, Peru, Honduras two times, China two times, India, and the Ivory Coast. The Ivory Coast team also ordered medicines and arranged to ship them to a trusted doctor, enabling two video clinics to occur.
  • Seven teams received medicines and supplies but were unable to travel during the scheduled time. However, they have made plans to go as soon as travel is allowed, and we are working with them to make sure supplies and medicines are available when needed. These countries include Guatemala, Peru, Haiti two times, Jamaica, Ethiopia, and Nigeria.
  • With the pandemic, our domestic work has increased. Twelve teams were served locally. Two of the Memphis groups are Sister Martha and Asha’s Refuge. In addition, we helped supply six charity clinics with much needed PPE supplies and we continue to donate supplies as needed. We have further responded to supply needs for the Morning Center, Dr. Susan Hillebert’s children’s clinic, and Open Arms Care, a residential facility for the developmentally challenged.
  • We have partnered with the Church Health Center to be the distribution center for PPE supplies for testing centers and small community clinics in the Shelby County area. This partnership has allowed for timely pickup of much needed supplies which many of these clinics could not obtain on their own and CHC could not store.
  • Presently, we are working on arranging delivery of medical supplies and medicines to Barahona, Dominican Republic with the Baptist College of Health Sciences. We are working with Water@Work in Atlanta and the Missionary Air Service in Florida to accomplish this project.
  • In addition, our staff has continued to improve our inventory and distribution process to better accomplish our work once the pandemic comes to an end.

This year has not been “normal” and “as planned,” but we continually give thanks that God is using us to fulfill His mission to the world, starting right here in Memphis. Thank you for your past support and we pray you will generously consider your support for the future.